We are delighted you are interested in the Old Lyme Country Club. It is one of the oldest private country clubs in Connecticut. While membership is by introduction only, we warmly welcome inquiries from those who may be new to the area or are unknown to current members.



How can I visit the Club to see the facilities?

Please call (860) 434-1639 x2 or email and someone will be glad to make arrangements.

We also host Prospective Member Cocktail Parties that you might like to attend. Call the office for the date of our next event.


How do I begin the process of joining the club?

Interested candidates must be invited and sponsored by a Club member. A seconding letter is required. Candidates must also meet members from the Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee will make every effort to help you with the process.


What if I do not know a Club member?

Call the Club business office at (860) 434-1639 x2 and ask for Rose Savignac to express your interest in the Club. A member of the Admissions Committee will then contact you.


How long does it take to become a member of the Club?

Once your sponsor and seconder submit the required paperwork, the process takes only a week or two to be approved.  If there is no opening at that time, you will be added to our waitlist as soon as your application has been approved by the Board of Governors.

Each candidate’s application is reviewed and references may be checked. You will be asked to attend a “Meet & Greet” or a "Prospective Member Cocktail Party" where you will meet members of the Admissions Committee and the Board of Governors. A recommendation will then be made to the Board of Governors for a final decision.


Are there any membership restrictions?

It is the policy of the Club to consider each candidate for membership strictly on merit. No distinction, discrimination or restriction is or shall be made on account of a candidate’s religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or race.


What are the membership categories?

Full Membership 
Family, Individual, Single Parent 
Full Use of Facilities

House Membership 
Family or Individual 
Limited use of sporting facilities 
Unlimited use of Clubhouse 

Social  Membership 
Family or Individual 
No use of sporting facilities 
Unlimited use of Clubhouse 

Associate Membership 
Family or Individual 
Full use of Facilities 
Ages 31 to 40 

Junior Membership 
Family or Individual 
Full use of facilities Ages 18-30

What are the fees for membership?

Fee structures are different for the various membership categories.

The Admissions Committee Contact

Telephone: (Rose Savignac) 860-434-1639, x2

Proposing a New Member Candidate
If you propose a candidate for membership you are responsible most of all to be familiar with the Membership Policies and Procedures which is available in the business office. The Proposer is also responsible for the candidate’s application and their attendance at the Meet and Greet. Once the application has been completed, the candidate is posted both on the Bulletin Board and the Slice Newsletter, and all the necessary letters are on file, you will be asked to invite your candidate to attend the next scheduled Meet and Greet. Meet and Greets are scheduled once a month. This is the last step before board approval to become a member.


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